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Nature Based Solutions for a Low-Carbon & Circular Economy

Through the acquisition and management of natural capital assets, Syngenera promotes conservation of forests, sustainable agroforestry production, and inclusive business practices.
We achieve this through collaboration with investors, corporate strategic partners, and local communities.  Our collective ambition is to enable a low carbon, circular, and inclusive economy.


Manage Natural Capital Concessions

Syngenera and its partners acquire and manage natural capital assets to produce revenues from carbon offsets, sustainable agroforestry and innovative ecosystem products and services.

Indonesia Focus

Syngenera is comprised of a diverse team of experts with decades of experience throughout Southeast Asia. Our core focus and expertise centers around Indonesia.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Since its inception, Syngenera has supported investments into Natural Capital to generate a spectrum of positive environmental, social and economic returns. We calculate the impacts of our initiatives as SDG outcomes.

Community | Conservation | Innovation

16 Jalan Kilang Timor |  #03-03 Redhill Forum | Singapore 159308

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